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Internal Coating CBC-1, PowerKote™ (3oz)

Barrier Coatings
non hazardous
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FOR: PISTONS COMBUSTION CHAMBERS VALVES *********************** APPLICATION: *All parts mnust be clean of all oils, dirt or other debris. *Blast lightly with 120 grit al oxide or similar hard sharp material at low pressure *Degrease with a non petroleum based solvent. Allow to full evaporate *After STIRRING and shaking apply coating. Spray at an air pressure of about 60 psi through a fine nozzle. *The coating has nearly the same appearance as the blasted part, so apply only enough to give a thin "wet" look to the part. *Allow to dry to a "matte" finish. If humid use a fan or other tool to move air over the part to aid in drying. *Bake at a minimum of 300f for 1 hour. *Inspect part after cure for blisters, cracking or flaking. The coating should have a slight gold tint. *DO NOT ASSEMBLE IF DAMAGE VISIBLE

CBC-1 MSDS cbc-1 msds

CBC-1 Instructions cbc-1 instructions

⚠ WARNING: Cancer -

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