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Internal Coating, Powerkote™ Lubricant

PKSX Lubricant Coating 1oz
$18.25 / Each
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1. All parts should be free of all oils, dust, dirt, grease, rust, scale, corrosion, moisture and other contaminates.

2. Parts should be chemically or machanically etched. In case of cylinder walls, lifter bores or valve guides, the honing of these parts should provide an acceptable etch. for other parts, lightly sandblast, using 120 grit aluminium oxide or 80 grit or finer sand at 40 psi, using a suction type sandblaster. Certain non metal parts may also be coated. Those with smooth surface must be etched or roughed up.

3. Rinse all parts with Acetone, Laquer Thinner, M.E.K. or similar material. On non metal parts, alcohol may be an acceptable solvent.

4. Do not touch surface to be coated with bare hands. Use clean, lint free cotton gloves, not plastic or latex gloves.

5. Buff PKSX by using a soft cloth or a Q-tip for hard to reach areas. Burnished PKSX will take on a slight yellow tinge in most instances. PKSX can show as blue/grey to black as well. Retain cloth as it may be reused as long as any powder still appears on cloth. Avoid contact with solvents as they can remove PKSX. Motor oils and lubricants will not adversely affect PKSX.

6. Assemble parts and be sure to check clearances. DO NOT RINSE WITH ALCOHOL OR SIMILAR SOLVENTS.

PKSX instructions PKSX instructions

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